Dr. Leo Spaceman (auxoriousrex) wrote in salvage_style,
Dr. Leo Spaceman

Homemade Art

I hope this is ok...
So, today I unpacked my comforter set to put in my bedroom (my husband is coming home soon, so I guess I cant get away with sleeping on the couch with a throw blanket anymore) and I realized that the two pillow shams had some water stains. So with those, along with the bed skirt I never used, I decided to make some homemade art for above my bed.

Its not amazing, but I tried! Tell me what you think:

First, I had these old Ikea frames hanging around.

Pillow Sham

Bed Skirt

I basically just hot glued it all together

I cut up different pieces a fabric and the embroidery and hot glued them onto the fabric. I also printed out lyrics to a song onto some old cardstock.

Here is the final (for now) product:

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