darkfallenangel (lunagypsy) wrote in salvage_style,

I have been slowly plugging away at my own old home, and last night I decided to start taking out the wretched tile off this small countertop in the corner of the kitchen. It looks like someone had some leftover after they finished the bathroom floor, and thought they'd might as well put it somewhere....
For some reason I decided to try to keep as many of the pieces of little tiles intact as I could, as if someone might need them or want them...I personally have always detested this type of tile, but its just my personal taste. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where I could call that might want the good pieces, like an architectural salvage in MA, or if anyone here is looking for a small bit...its dusty pinks and beige. Here are some pix I took during last night's demolition. I have about 1/3rd done.

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