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I actually joined the community some time ago, but have been so busy I haven't had a chance to sit down and post. So, here is my intro.
1. your favourite season: I like something about every season, though the best things seem to happen for me in the Autumn, between September and October.
2. your favourite color combo for this style: Another hard question to pinpoint. I have only recently delved into my interest in hardcore salvage chippy chic...I have ALWAYS loved vintage and antique things, and would chose flea markets and thrift shops over malls any day, but only in the past year when we bought our very old-needed-to-be-salvaged 1892 cottage, that I have found myself picking things up on the side of the roads!
3. do you live with others who share your aesthetic? Yes, my husband and our three kitties are very enthusiatstic about my artistic sense and style:)
4. do you frequent charity shops/flea markets/garage sales? Yes, a thousand times over.
5. what's the best thing you've found? I don't think I could pick...pretty much anything I pick up, I love!
6. what's the best thing you've left behind? Hmm...possibly a gorgeous wooden carved chair at a flea market...I just didn't have the $75 they wanted for it.
7. What sort of style does your run-down aesthetic take the form of (mid-century, country, ethnic etc)? I have always had a romatic-Victorian-Gothic sense of style, but recently I have been allowing my romantic-victorian-cottage self to come out. And I HATE the word "shabby chic." Mainly I believe because I detest Martha Stewart and her soccer-mom following. I hate to be evil, but I am a born n' bred artist, and ever since Martha rolled out, all these people think they have a sense of style by going to Michaels, putting fake fruit in a basket, and calling themselves "designers." Before all of this, I could have happily gone to a flea market or thrift shop and picked up a chippy, beaten up old wooden dresser for mere dollars because it was in rough shape. NOW you have to pay an arm and a leg because the "style" is popular and every one distresses stuff on purpose to make shabby chic, and if you find a REAL old piece that is distressed from actula age, you have to pay through the nose. Le sigh...didn't mean to rant there...
8. Any horror stories? Honestly, the house we bought has both been a dream come true and a nightmare...as you will see!
This is our old cottage, and behind the cut will be TONS of pix, of the inside, of salvage finds, and things we had to salvage inside the house...I hope you enjoy, so long as you don't have dial-up, and I can't wait to hear and see others salvage goodies, and with any luck, some salvaging advice!

This made me fall in love with the house: purple glass doorknobs!

This dresser was left ion the bedroom. I haven't gotten a chance to do anything with it in an artistic sense, but we kept it and it is a great dresser in the bedroom to house our delicates:


This is a tiny bedroom that we have dubbed "the dressing room." It houses closets and my vanity and such. When we bought the house, the old man who had lived here had covered the ENTIRE room with styrofoam and nails, on top of layers of ceiling tiles and other such debris:

This was during "destruction" of the room:

This is the room for the time being, as well as the antique side board we bought at an antique shop to use as a bureau, the antique Singer we got at a Flea market for $50, and the vintage desk and iron mirror we got at an antique shop that I will use as my vanity:

This is how I got the chandeleir that is on that room originally at a flea market, before I painted and embellished it:

Wow, I guess that is plenty to bombard every one with on the first post...I have so much to share and I am excited, and have questions to ask of fellow salvagers. Pleased to meet everyone!
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