Kelsalalalala (vase_of_acid) wrote in salvage_style,

1. your favourite season:
I love fall!

2. your favourite color combo for this style:
I haven't determined one quite yet. I'll update everyone with a photdump if a favorite ever develops.

3. do you live with others who share your aesthetic?
The rats and pibble don't seem to mind what I do with the space, as long as they've got things to chew on.

4. do you frequent charity shops/flea markets/garage sales?
Certainly do!

5. what's the best thing you've found?
When I was about 16, I found an amazing Victorian-era bed for five dollars.

6. what's the best thing you've left behind?
Oodles of things I found at the same estate sale. Being sixteen does not give one enough funds to cash in on that sort of goldmine!

7. What sort of style does your run-down aesthetic take the form of (mid-century, country, ethnic etc)?
Right now, my biggest push is going towards displaying my bone/driftwood collection, without my place looking like a hunting cabin. I'm shooting for a 19th century museum set-up.

8. Any horror stories?
I don't have any, but have a friend who got fleas from a lovely couch at a thrift store.
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