darkfallenangel (lunagypsy) wrote in salvage_style,

Sparking Salvage Creativity

Last week my husband and I popped into Barnes And Noble and they were having a huge after-Christmas sale, 75% off. I spotted this book and snagged it without really flipping through it, but once I got home and had a chance to sit down with it, I was glad I picked it up. It reminded me how great it is to be creative, and to re-use and save "junk." I recommend looking at it if you can!

And in the interest of sharing interesting ideas and images, I found these on the web that really sparked my creativity today!
Bathtub Loveseat:

Gingerbread Trim becomes Wallart

Two of the ideas in the actual book are a small shelf made from a metal grater, and a large candle holder made from a tall shabby wooden post and various sideview mirrors from old cars as the candle holders.

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