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Nice to meet you!

1. your favourite season:

2. your favourite color combo for this style:
*Any aged and faded color, that time has had it's way with!

3. do you live with others who share your aesthetic?
*Yes, for about 32 years.

4. do you frequent charity shops/flea markets/garage sales?
*Yes I do frequent those places, and I'm also aware of what you said on your profile about "the reduction of curbside throw-outs vanishing. In the mid 1970's I used to get so excited about garbage night in my old neighborhood full of old houses built at the turn of the century. Now the antiques and vintage items are gone on the curb. Wood and glass have been replaced with plastic and artificial wood grain covered particle board.
5. what's the best thing you've found?
*A carved victorian chair. The arms were damaged and I had to have it upholstered, and now the arms are damaged again, but I love that chair and plan to restore it all over won't see my curb!

6. what's the best thing you've left behind?
*Years ago the old house we lived in had a fire, and our apartment only had water and smoke damage, but in our confusion we made a decision to leave behind an unusual table that was from the 40's or 50's probably. It folded into a coffee table or a tall table.

7. What sort of style does your run-down aesthetic take the form of (mid-century, country, ethnic etc)?
*Victorian era/ turn of the century for everything except for my kitchen which is 1920's-30s. An article and photo of us with our stove and fridge will be in the March issue of Consumer Report. They put out a call for people with old appliances that still worked and I answered it.

8. Any horror stories?
*In my old neighborhood I used to walk up onto the porch of a huge old abandoned house with wrap around porch, and turret. Ragged and rotting curtains exposed a house full of abandoned furniture, books, dishes, clothes. Through a kitchen window I could see a calendar on the wall for 1960-something, as though that was the last time people lived there. Through the living room window I could see a fabulous sofa!
I found out a woman a couple of houses away owned it and I contacted her about possibly buying the couch or some of the stuff. She was living in a house just as neglected with stuff packed up against the windows and in decay also. She must not have been quite right and her answer to my offer was simply- "It's mine, all mine!" and she glared at me with her arms folded across her chest.
Later I saw, who I was told was her brother, on the porch with a push broom with a vacant zombie look as though he was not quite right either.
About 15 years ago I went back on a several mile walk with my dog. My dog was very spooked and refused to walk up on the porch with me, and I could not explain why, as the steps were solid, there was no logical reason for her behavior.

I never found out what happened to all the stuff and have not returned to see if it is still in there.
Oh! And one more element of weird- the guy who was our landlord's son told us that when he was little he saw the two old sisters running out the front door of the house with a huge gush of water following behind them?! That would have been around the time I saw on the calendar.
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