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Hand built by robots.

I love trash.

I'm actually really proud of the two projects my husband and I finished today. We almost never find stuff in dumpsters but the curbs? The curbs are rich pickings.

BEFORE (mostly):

I forgot to take a real before picture but this is mostly what our latest trash find looked like before we finished it tonight.


I spotted the sideboard on the side of the road yesterday when The Hubs and I were coming home from helping a friend out with something. He was awesome enough to turn around - twice! - so we could look at it again and figure out what it was.

We pulled up as someone else was pulling away, having examined it and dismissed it. We walked around it and around it and spotted the hutch leaning against a nearby telephone pole. It was a toss-up until we realized we had the perfect space for it (we were GOING to put the bench in the nook but this worked out even better) and it would give us more space - we've been using some rickety wire shelves but with this thing in place, we have a lot more cabinet space to use for pantry type purposes. It rocks.

I lined the two shelves of the hutch with cork.


We found this diner booth bench, like, a year ago. Some dudes were throwing it away - they'd had it in their backyard and were moving. Well, we couldn't just pass something like that up!


I've had the white glitter vinyl on-hand for a long time. Originally, it was for recovering an old chair - that project STILL isn't done and now there is no more white glitter vinyl. Sad face! Alas! However, I think it was perfect for this project.

The kitchen is so much more open and organized and awesome now! The blue really brightens the place up. And all for the price of 6 cans of Deep Blue spray paint (about $18) and some new handles for the cabinets (about $8). Kick ass.
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