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my *salutation* to all...

Well hellow,

My name is Plastik_kitty ,I have been inspired my this site for some time ,I was shy to post anything on this site untill today....Here is a little info about me :

1. your favourite season: I like de diversity,I like change,here in Canada we have 4 seasons heheh!

2. your favourite color combo for this style: vintage,early century,ethnis inspirer me alot.I Love colors,dark or flashy...I'de say ,black is a must,dirty washed out white,reds,pink and purple

3. do you live with others who share your aesthetic? I think soo,my boyfriend likes my ideas ..We often decorate togerher

4. do you frequent charity shops/flea markets/garage sales? Oh yes!They is a ''moving day '',here...and I have found most of my furniture in the trash...It surprising how new and good conditon things a thrown alway

5. what's the best thing you've found? geez...I found so many things......hum good question...

6. what's the best thing you've left behind? My electric fire place
7. What sort of style does your run-down aesthetic take the form of (mid-century, country, ethnic etc)? vintage,early century,ethnis inspirer me alot.I think that the period that I heart most is from victorian to early 1920's...

8. Any horror stories? Do you have one to tell me!? I love stories,ghost stories and creepy ones too!I'M listening ^-^

*********I would love to post pictures,I'm french..Could someone kindly explain to me how to post photos please and thank you!**********

Hugz and cupcakes ....
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