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Modpost- fashion theme [25 Feb 2010|09:39pm]

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Well this place is dustier than Miss Havisham's attic, is it not? It's your friendly mod here, using her artsy account. I'd like to try to get this place up and running again, so let's kick off with a theme- fashion! Or trashion, or eco threads, or whatever it's called in your world. I'm inviting you to post with links, images, blogs, Etsy shops etc that follow the mantra of re-use and recycle in making clothes and accessories. If you intend to advertise your own shop, don't forget to put it behind a cut.

To kick it off, here's a selection of stuff from my own etsy shop.Collapse )

For those not aware of me, I make jewelry and accessories (and soon clothes!) from vintage, reclaimed and antique materials. From Medieval metal to last week's thrift store throw-out, I turn the history into the future. A future you can wear!

Now let's see your fashion finds!

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[09 May 2009|11:35pm]

Romp Du lou is a small original and re-made clothing store on Ebay. Check us out, Ad and link under cut.
Read more...Collapse )

Come check us out!
New items added all week!
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Homemade Art [30 Apr 2009|10:57pm]

I hope this is ok...
So, today I unpacked my comforter set to put in my bedroom (my husband is coming home soon, so I guess I cant get away with sleeping on the couch with a throw blanket anymore) and I realized that the two pillow shams had some water stains. So with those, along with the bed skirt I never used, I decided to make some homemade art for above my bed.

Its not amazing, but I tried! Tell me what you think:

click hereCollapse )
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Sparking Salvage Creativity [21 Jan 2009|06:41pm]

Last week my husband and I popped into Barnes And Noble and they were having a huge after-Christmas sale, 75% off. I spotted this book and snagged it without really flipping through it, but once I got home and had a chance to sit down with it, I was glad I picked it up. It reminded me how great it is to be creative, and to re-use and save "junk." I recommend looking at it if you can!

And in the interest of sharing interesting ideas and images, I found these on the web that really sparked my creativity today!
Bathtub Loveseat:

Gingerbread Trim becomes Wallart

Two of the ideas in the actual book are a small shelf made from a metal grater, and a large candle holder made from a tall shabby wooden post and various sideview mirrors from old cars as the candle holders.

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Vintage Kitchens! [21 Jan 2009|01:00pm]

Saw this photo set on flickr and immediately thought of this community.  Whaddya think?  Is 50's style a plus or a minus? Do you have any favorites? 


The handles on these cupboards brought me a wave of nostalgia - my grandparents had cupboard handles IDENTICAL to these.  Such a little thing, to bring back such warm memories. :-) 


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Nice to meet you! [11 Jan 2009|07:51pm]

1. your favourite season:

2. your favourite color combo for this style:
*Any aged and faded color, that time has had it's way with!

3. do you live with others who share your aesthetic?
*Yes, for about 32 years.

4. do you frequent charity shops/flea markets/garage sales?
*Yes I do frequent those places, and I'm also aware of what you said on your profile about "the reduction of curbside throw-outs vanishing. In the mid 1970's I used to get so excited about garbage night in my old neighborhood full of old houses built at the turn of the century. Now the antiques and vintage items are gone on the curb. Wood and glass have been replaced with plastic and artificial wood grain covered particle board.
5. what's the best thing you've found?
*A carved victorian chair. The arms were damaged and I had to have it upholstered, and now the arms are damaged again, but I love that chair and plan to restore it all over again..it won't see my curb!

6. what's the best thing you've left behind?
*Years ago the old house we lived in had a fire, and our apartment only had water and smoke damage, but in our confusion we made a decision to leave behind an unusual table that was from the 40's or 50's probably. It folded into a coffee table or a tall table.

7. What sort of style does your run-down aesthetic take the form of (mid-century, country, ethnic etc)?
*Victorian era/ turn of the century for everything except for my kitchen which is 1920's-30s. An article and photo of us with our stove and fridge will be in the March issue of Consumer Report. They put out a call for people with old appliances that still worked and I answered it.

8. Any horror stories?
*In my old neighborhood I used to walk up onto the porch of a huge old abandoned house with wrap around porch, and turret. Ragged and rotting curtains exposed a house full of abandoned furniture, books, dishes, clothes. Through a kitchen window I could see a calendar on the wall for 1960-something, as though that was the last time people lived there. Through the living room window I could see a fabulous sofa!
I found out a woman a couple of houses away owned it and I contacted her about possibly buying the couch or some of the stuff. She was living in a house just as neglected with stuff packed up against the windows and in decay also. She must not have been quite right and her answer to my offer was simply- "It's mine, all mine!" and she glared at me with her arms folded across her chest.
Later I saw, who I was told was her brother, on the porch with a push broom with a vacant zombie look as though he was not quite right either.
About 15 years ago I went back on a several mile walk with my dog. My dog was very spooked and refused to walk up on the porch with me, and I could not explain why, as the steps were solid, there was no logical reason for her behavior.

I never found out what happened to all the stuff and have not returned to see if it is still in there.
Oh! And one more element of weird- the guy who was our landlord's son told us that when he was little he saw the two old sisters running out the front door of the house with a huge gush of water following behind them?! That would have been around the time I saw on the calendar.
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I love trash. [07 Dec 2008|10:44pm]

I'm actually really proud of the two projects my husband and I finished today. We almost never find stuff in dumpsters but the curbs? The curbs are rich pickings.

Before (mostly):Collapse )
I forgot to take a real before picture but this is mostly what our latest trash find looked like before we finished it tonight.

AFTER:Collapse )
I spotted the sideboard on the side of the road yesterday when The Hubs and I were coming home from helping a friend out with something. He was awesome enough to turn around - twice! - so we could look at it again and figure out what it was.

We pulled up as someone else was pulling away, having examined it and dismissed it. We walked around it and around it and spotted the hutch leaning against a nearby telephone pole. It was a toss-up until we realized we had the perfect space for it (we were GOING to put the bench in the nook but this worked out even better) and it would give us more space - we've been using some rickety wire shelves but with this thing in place, we have a lot more cabinet space to use for pantry type purposes. It rocks.

I lined the two shelves of the hutch with cork.

BEFORE:Collapse )
We found this diner booth bench, like, a year ago. Some dudes were throwing it away - they'd had it in their backyard and were moving. Well, we couldn't just pass something like that up!

AFTER:Collapse )
I've had the white glitter vinyl on-hand for a long time. Originally, it was for recovering an old chair - that project STILL isn't done and now there is no more white glitter vinyl. Sad face! Alas! However, I think it was perfect for this project.

The kitchen is so much more open and organized and awesome now! The blue really brightens the place up. And all for the price of 6 cans of Deep Blue spray paint (about $18) and some new handles for the cabinets (about $8). Kick ass.
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my first really post hihihi! [23 Aug 2008|03:31pm]

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HI there,I been reading your post for a while,and I finally decided to show you my new kitchen.WE have just finished painting and now in the fun part.YEsss decorating yayyyyyyy!

Hers is the new dining area or the kitchen:

I would like some help and suggestion on we can make this area functional and beautifull.
Thank you....

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[14 Aug 2008|06:35pm]


I have been slowly plugging away at my own old home, and last night I decided to start taking out the wretched tile off this small countertop in the corner of the kitchen. It looks like someone had some leftover after they finished the bathroom floor, and thought they'd might as well put it somewhere....
For some reason I decided to try to keep as many of the pieces of little tiles intact as I could, as if someone might need them or want them...I personally have always detested this type of tile, but its just my personal taste. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where I could call that might want the good pieces, like an architectural salvage in MA, or if anyone here is looking for a small bit...its dusty pinks and beige. Here are some pix I took during last night's demolition. I have about 1/3rd done.

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Pretty houses [20 Jul 2008|12:45am]

[ mood | calm ]

My mum works at the local library, and often brings home the latest issue of alot of lovely magazines. Recently I've taken to scanning some of the pages I like, since I can't tear them out and I can't keep the mag!

I scanned in a few images the other night from Australian Country Style and Real Living, and thought I'd share them with you.

come in...but do look out- big pictures!Collapse )

X-posted to laceandflora -apologies to those who see it twice. &hearts
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Architectural Salvage and Antiques [15 Jun 2008|12:01pm]


Lots of pictures from my trip to the architectural salvage store in Gonzales.
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Bentwood Chairs [31 May 2008|05:17pm]

Bentwood chairs are starting to get spendy, even at second hand shops because they are hip again.  I was lucky enough to find four of them for 6.99 each at Goodwill, with the original caning and everything (and a made in poland sticker on the underside of one of them)  They had alot of chips in the paint so I'm painting them all bright yellow. (My mom was horrified that I painted over the original caning, not just the wood).

Before and In-ProgressCollapse )

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[23 May 2008|10:10am]

Hello to all, 
I just signed up on LJ and found your community interesting and right in line with what I love to do.  I enjoyed reading about you, so here's a bit about me. 

1. your favourite season:

It seems to be a popular answer, but I love fall the most.  The colors sing in my heart, I have most of my home decorated in earthy and spicy tones.  If I had to pick a second it would be spring because of the fresh greens and blooming new life.  It's inspiring.

2. your favourite color combo for this style:

My absolute favorite color is green, but I've been diving into oranges and browns (from caramel to chocolate) and with the addition of cream and black I've just about described my whole house.  Lately I've been attracted to aqua blues, and certain purples are sweet.

3. do you live with others who share your aesthetic?

Not really, my husband is amused by what I do, and my kids like some of the stuff I decorate with.  I think the only one who shares my love of the salvage is my mom.

4. do you frequent charity shops/flea markets/garage sales?

As often as humanly possible.  I go to thrift shops almost daily, I feel like I have a circuit and the clerks all know me by name.  I hit the garags sales most every weekend, and that goes on most of the year here in Austin Texas..

5. what's the best thing you've found?

Gosh there are so many.  A Clinton Adams signed numbered lithograph from 1948.  A beautiful antique childs dresser with a tilting beveled mirror.  A really funky old steel office chair, with orange vinyl, for only 5 bucks.  An old Drexel low round coffee table from the 60s or 70s that has a scandanavian feel and lots of thin spindles.   I could go on for days.......

6. what's the best thing you've left behind?

I don't leave much behind, but there was this one dining table, it was a big slab of wood with a lovely grain, and a big streak of red running off center through one side.  It was extremely unique, handmade, one of a kind, and priced way above my wallet.  I still think about it sometimes and sigh. 

7. What sort of style does your run-down aesthetic take the form of (mid-century, country, ethnic etc)?  

It's eclectic.  I like some french country and primitives, I like some mid-century groovy, I like some classic mission, even some asian.  As long as the feeling is warm and friendly and approachable, it can live at my house.  And if it's green or brown, or even a warm gold, all the better.

8. Any horror stories?

Once I bought a cool old pastel from the 40s or 50s in a period frame.  It was pretty dusty so I didn't see it right away, but it had rat turds stuck on the glass.  Before I put it into my car, I used a leaf from the side of the road to scoop them off and then I realized that they were fairly fresh.   ewwwwwww!  Oh yeah, and one time I bought an old brown bottle, the really large ones like they used to have in pharmacies.  It appeared to have dirt inside it kind of pooled at the bottom.  Normally no big deal, just soak it out, right?  But when I put the water into this one to clean it, some of the dirt washed away to reveal an entire mouse family had apparently nested in there and drown somehow...  double ewwwwwww! 
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Hello! [10 May 2008|03:20pm]

I actually joined the community some time ago, but have been so busy I haven't had a chance to sit down and post. So, here is my intro.
1. your favourite season: I like something about every season, though the best things seem to happen for me in the Autumn, between September and October.
2. your favourite color combo for this style: Another hard question to pinpoint. I have only recently delved into my interest in hardcore salvage chippy chic...I have ALWAYS loved vintage and antique things, and would chose flea markets and thrift shops over malls any day, but only in the past year when we bought our very old-needed-to-be-salvaged 1892 cottage, that I have found myself picking things up on the side of the roads!
3. do you live with others who share your aesthetic? Yes, my husband and our three kitties are very enthusiatstic about my artistic sense and style:)
4. do you frequent charity shops/flea markets/garage sales? Yes, a thousand times over.
5. what's the best thing you've found? I don't think I could pick...pretty much anything I pick up, I love!
6. what's the best thing you've left behind? Hmm...possibly a gorgeous wooden carved chair at a flea market...I just didn't have the $75 they wanted for it.
7. What sort of style does your run-down aesthetic take the form of (mid-century, country, ethnic etc)? I have always had a romatic-Victorian-Gothic sense of style, but recently I have been allowing my romantic-victorian-cottage self to come out. And I HATE the word "shabby chic." Mainly I believe because I detest Martha Stewart and her soccer-mom following. I hate to be evil, but I am a born n' bred artist, and ever since Martha rolled out, all these people think they have a sense of style by going to Michaels, putting fake fruit in a basket, and calling themselves "designers." Before all of this, I could have happily gone to a flea market or thrift shop and picked up a chippy, beaten up old wooden dresser for mere dollars because it was in rough shape. NOW you have to pay an arm and a leg because the "style" is popular and every one distresses stuff on purpose to make shabby chic, and if you find a REAL old piece that is distressed from actula age, you have to pay through the nose. Le sigh...didn't mean to rant there...
8. Any horror stories? Honestly, the house we bought has both been a dream come true and a nightmare...as you will see!
This is our old cottage, and behind the cut will be TONS of pix, of the inside, of salvage finds, and things we had to salvage inside the house...I hope you enjoy, so long as you don't have dial-up, and I can't wait to hear and see others salvage goodies, and with any luck, some salvaging advice!

Wow, I guess that is plenty to bombard every one with on the first post...I have so much to share and I am excited, and have questions to ask of fellow salvagers. Pleased to meet everyone!
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You've Got the Button: From Yard Sale Find to One of a Kind, a Side Table [06 May 2008|11:01am]

First, the survey!

1. your favourite season: It's always summer here; I live in Orlando, FL. Actually, we have about a week and a half of Spring and Fall and maybe a month of mild Winter.
2. your favourite color combo for this style: Since I'm really big into altering my finds, I don't have any real color preferences. But I do love metals, so if I make a find with metal construction, I'm thrilled.
3. do you live with others who share your aesthetic? My husband is a big fan of salvaged stuff - he turns his finds into steampunk ray guns.
4. do you frequent charity shops/flea markets/garage sales? Absolutely. We drive around yard sales pretty much every Saturday morning.
5. what's the best thing you've found? A giant, solid wood armoire that works perfectly for our tv and video gaming stuff - we can hide it all away behind the massive doors.
6. what's the best thing you've left behind? An antique tuba at a yard sale. I couldn't justify the $75 price tag.
7. What sort of style does your run-down aesthetic take the form of (mid-century, country, ethnic etc)? We tend towards steampunk with a touch of circus, both center ring and sideshow. Lots of bright colors and bits and bobs of oddity.
8. Any horror stories? I found a fantastic book of natural paper samples at a wallpaper place. Unfortunately, once I got it home, I discovered it was full of roaches!

And now, my latest find and project:

cut for large picturesCollapse )
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[21 Mar 2008|05:02pm]

1. your favourite season:
I love fall!

2. your favourite color combo for this style:
I haven't determined one quite yet. I'll update everyone with a photdump if a favorite ever develops.

3. do you live with others who share your aesthetic?
The rats and pibble don't seem to mind what I do with the space, as long as they've got things to chew on.

4. do you frequent charity shops/flea markets/garage sales?
Certainly do!

5. what's the best thing you've found?
When I was about 16, I found an amazing Victorian-era bed for five dollars.

6. what's the best thing you've left behind?
Oodles of things I found at the same estate sale. Being sixteen does not give one enough funds to cash in on that sort of goldmine!

7. What sort of style does your run-down aesthetic take the form of (mid-century, country, ethnic etc)?
Right now, my biggest push is going towards displaying my bone/driftwood collection, without my place looking like a hunting cabin. I'm shooting for a 19th century museum set-up.

8. Any horror stories?
I don't have any, but have a friend who got fleas from a lovely couch at a thrift store.
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Hello! [19 Mar 2008|09:25pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Here's, hopefully, my first post of many.

1. your favourite season:

Winter. I love snow and the cold. And most of the time if you bring something home off of the street it won't stink as much as the summertime. But spring time maybe only for Upenn Christmas, when all of the college students throw away everything they owned just to replace it the next year.

2. your favourite color combo for this style:

Right now I'm digging a light seafoam green and deep reds. My living room is done in a vintage sea 'theme'. Lots of curio bottles, dried sea life (yes, most collected by myself!), and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea posters.

3. do you live with others who share your aesthetic?

Ha! My significant other just rolls his eyes but is right there when there's a deal at a yard sale.

4. do you frequent charity shops/flea markets/garage sales?

Hells yea! And dumpsters, trash days, and swap meets.

5. what's the best thing you've found?

Lots of hand thrown pottery, I've never bought traditional dishes or bowls. But probably a console stereo with the original 1961 reciept in it.

6. what's the best thing you've left behind?

A 3 foot tall, solid teak Buddha at an estate sale. They wanted 100$ for it but at the time I had no way to take it home. I later found out that it's illegal to take wooden Buddhas from Tibet, which is where it was from, I still think about it. I hope it went to a good home.

7. What sort of style does your run-down aesthetic take the form of (mid-century, country, ethnic etc)?

I love 18th and 19th century style and my living room is becoming very steam punk. I also like vintage lo-fi stereo equipment and incorporate in to decorating alot.

8. Any horror stories?

Oh plenty! Everything from a vintage couch with baby mice in it to bringing home an old window pane to refinsh and it having asbestos insulation around it. Just ask...

I look forward to seeing what's going on in this community and new friends are niiiice....

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my *salutation* to all... [18 Mar 2008|11:04am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Well hellow,

My name is Plastik_kitty ,I have been inspired my this site for some time ,I was shy to post anything on this site untill today....Here is a little info about me :

1. your favourite season: I like de diversity,I like change,here in Canada we have 4 seasons heheh!

2. your favourite color combo for this style: vintage,early century,ethnis inspirer me alot.I Love colors,dark or flashy...I'de say ,black is a must,dirty washed out white,reds,pink and purple

3. do you live with others who share your aesthetic? I think soo,my boyfriend likes my ideas ..We often decorate togerher

4. do you frequent charity shops/flea markets/garage sales? Oh yes!They is a ''moving day '',here...and I have found most of my furniture in the trash...It surprising how new and good conditon things a thrown alway

5. what's the best thing you've found? geez...I found so many things......hum good question...

6. what's the best thing you've left behind? My electric fire place
7. What sort of style does your run-down aesthetic take the form of (mid-century, country, ethnic etc)? vintage,early century,ethnis inspirer me alot.I think that the period that I heart most is from victorian to early 1920's...

8. Any horror stories? Do you have one to tell me!? I love stories,ghost stories and creepy ones too!I'M listening ^-^

*********I would love to post pictures,I'm french..Could someone kindly explain to me how to post photos please and thank you!**********

Hugz and cupcakes ....

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More Bathroom Pics [29 Feb 2008|07:28pm]

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[25 Feb 2008|12:14pm]

1. your favourite season: Autumn. It's still warm, there are still flowers, the trees are amazing and there are no mosquitoes.
2. your favourite color combo for this style: Well, I like muted greens and soft heathery roses and blues.
3. do you live with others who share your aesthetic? Alas, no, not really. My husband's taste runs to oriental/British country house, and he loves antiques, but my love of salvaged treasures is my own.
4. do you frequent charity shops/flea markets/garage sales? Hoo-yeah.
5. what's the best thing you've found? An original Steiff bear. For $10!!!
6. what's the best thing you've left behind? A pottery bread bowl bigger than my kitchen sink. I just couldn't think where I could keep it.
7. What sort of style does your run-down aesthetic take the form of (mid-century, country, ethnic etc)? I think of it as cottage/shabby chic. But we were in Paris and Venice a couple of years ago, and I'd love to be able to reproduce the flavour of either of those places.
8. Any horror stories? Many years ago, I moved into a 400-square-foot house (yes, really) and had absolutely nowhere to put a 1920's mahogany bookcase. In desperation, I gave it to our neighbour. Later, when I was invited over for coffee, I was horrified to see it had been roxotoned.
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